professional program for
reducing staff turnover
Staff diagnostics
Recommendations and observation
Personnel decision support
What problems we solve?
Bad team relationships
Conflicting team begins to sabotage their duties, intangible motivation falls
The appearance of negative people
Employees with pronounced socio-psychological negative pull down the team and its performance
Staff turnover
Employees are beginning to resign and have a negative impact on job applicants
As a result, labor productivity falls
The costs of retaining employees and attracting new ones are rising
Small group solution
Questionnaires are available in the browser, on the tablet,
in the future in the mobile application
Once a month, an employee receives
a link and within 5-10 minutes
fills in a simple form
Based on the data obtained,
it is possible to obtain
additional indexes and
What we can do?
«The severity of adaptation disorders can be quantified and the level of violations»
Assessment of the psychological climate in the team and analysis of changes
Identifying negative employees
Control over translated employees
Recommendations and observation of the situation in dynamics
How we do it?
Adaptation of the program for the customer
Setting up the program for specific goals and objectives, choosing the optimally convenient way to enter tests and get results
Condition Diagnosis (Multidimensional Screening)
The obtained results are processed, analyzed and systematized. Analyzes the relationship between employees of the group
Assignment of status to employees (graduation)
Assigning status to employees on the results obtained and the selection of favorable and unfavorable conditions
Dynamic control
In order to obtain a reliable result in time and to exclude temporal phenomena, the indicators are considered in dynamics. Used to build a matrix of profiles
Individual recommendation system
According to the obtained data, recommendations are made to improve the identified adverse factors, eliminate them and possible ways to optimize and improve the climate in the group
Designed specifically for
small teams
What do you get as a result
Increase productivity
Reducing employee retention costs
Reduced turnover - lower borrowing costs
TeamLink Business

from 100 groups
Online access by reference
Personal account for managers
Executive reports
Recommendation system
TeamLink Professional

Extended offer
with additional
Online access by reference
Personal account for managers
Executive reports
Individual recommendations
Sociometric indices
Matrix profiles for the selection of applicants
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