About team
We have developed a specialized program to reduce the turnover in small groups TeamLink. We have developed from the method itself to its implementation in a format for the web, in the near future the development of a version for working in a mobile application will start.
Risk-oriented methodology
The TeamLink program is based on a risk-based multi-axis personnel assessment methodology and professionally assesses the structural relationships in the team, gives them a quantitative assessment.
HR support
Based on these data, our algorithms derive the qualitative characteristics of the team and its individual persons. Thus, the program provides complete and reliable material for high-quality support of personnel decisions.
Adaptation of the program for the client
TeamLink adapts to the needs of the client, the settings are made on a pilot group of 20 teams, and if necessary, specialist visits are carried out to detail the situation.

According to the results of data analysis for 6 months. As part of the tariff TeamLink Professional, we conduct an analytical study and create a matrix of employee profiles. This matrix is ​​used to assess new employees in each specific team in the first month of the trial period, which makes it possible to predict with a high degree of probability whether the newcomer will be able to work in this team or what measures to influence him should be applied by the employer.
The main members of our team:
Kolotov P.B.
Has experience in creating and managing IT companies and marketing
The author of the technique
The author of the methodology and its adaptation to the needs of the market, MD, an employee of one of the departments of the Military Medical Academy
Nikandrova S.A.
Head of technical direction, production and interaction with developers

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