Methods to reduce turnover and
increase productivity
Adaptation Syndrome (International Stress Institute)
Stress theory
Social psychology (impact on performance)
Hawthorne effect
Scientific basis of the method
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“The team and the relations in the team have the greatest value for the staff”
Connecting sociometric calculations as a component of this method

Special criteria of a comparative analysis of the structure of staff relations in the group on diagnostic axes.

A visual representation of the intragroup differentiation of group members with their status.

Sociometric diagnostics is one of the three components of this methodology, which has been improved by practical scientists and adapted to the business environment. The data of a large-scale survey are used to build an individual system of recommendations and create on their basis a matrix of employee profiles (Success Profile) to select incoming applicants.

The technique is implemented as a program and today works in the format of an online service.
Group of 7 to 50 people
Sociometric restriction (election limit):
reducing the probability of random choice
Profiles are available in the browser, on the tablet, in the future in the mobile application
  • Once a month, the employee receives a link
  • Go to the data entry form
  • Fill simple questionnaire within 5-10 minutes
Additional options:
  • Leadership inclination
  • Cohesion index
  • Other additional reports and indexes
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